answer key
1. Cannot focus for long periods of timeAnswer Required
2. Slow and choppy when reading aloudAnswer Required
3. Reading comprehensions is poorAnswer Required
4. Can not remember telephone numbersAnswer Required
5. Experiences eye strain or fatigue Answer Required
6. Does not catch on to new thing quicklyAnswer Required
7.Has difficulty multi-tasking Answer Required
8. Speech is slow and deliberateAnswer Required
9. Writing assignments contain spelling errorsAnswer Required
10. Has trouble remembering jokes and stories Answer Required
11. Misses words or skips lines when readingAnswer Required
12. Dislikes cards or board gamesAnswer Required
13. Has difficulty planning activitiesAnswer Required
14. Does many thing at a slow paceAnswer Required
15. Has trouble reading unknown wordsAnswer Required
16. Needs to look several times when copying Answer Required
17. Has a had time with reading and spellingAnswer Required
18. Completes tasks slowlyAnswer Required
19. Easily Distracted from taskAnswer Required
20. Slow readerAnswer Required
21. Is Usually one of the last to finish taskAnswer Required
22. Following verbal directions is hardAnswer Required
23. Has poor drawing skillsAnswer Required
24. Avoids games that require strategic thinkingAnswer Required
25. Acts impulsivelyAnswer Required
26. Finds video games frustratingAnswer Required
27. Often need to have information repeated Answer Required
28. Has a hard time remembering names Answer Required
29. Finds math word problems challenging Answer Required
30. Has difficulties "getting the gist" of thingsAnswer Required